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For many years, I’ve been proud to call Candace Rennick my CUPE Ontario co-officer, and also my comrade in the struggle for working people, and its why I’m so pleased and excited to endorse her to be our next CUPE National Secretary Treasurer.

Candace has the experience and progressive roots our National union needs. Deeply connected to her experience as a front-line long term care worker, she knows every dollar of our collective resources comes from hard working members who need and deserve a strong union.

Candace’s vision and passionate commitment to building a better world for workers, means she’s never content with the status quo. She has worked tirelessly to make CUPE Ontario both financially and organizationally stronger and its why she has the unanimous endorsement of the CUPE Ontario Executive Board.

Whether around the Board table, in the Legislature or on the streets with our members, Candace has built the strength of CUPE in Ontario, understanding our power is strongest when it includes the full diversity of our members. I can’t wait to see the way her energy and hard work build on the strong foundations we have from coast to coast to coast.

Fred Hahn - President CUPE Ontario

Candace Rennick has the proven track-record, experience, leadership qualities, and strong union principles which absolutely makes her the best candidate for CUPE National Secretary Treasurer. She has supported countless grassroots and activist efforts and has been on the forefront of building and supporting equity in CUPE.  If a CUPE local is on strike or needs support, Candace is there on the frontlines and helping every step of the way. Candace Rennick is a complete inspiration and the real deal and I wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy.

Tiffany Balducci - CUPE Ontario 3rd VP, President of the Durham Regional Labour Council and President of the Durham Northumberland CUPE Council

Nan McFadgen - President of CUPE Nova Scotia

I am very proud to support Candace Rennick and endorse her candidacy for CUPE National Secretary-Treasurer. Candace is a truly dedicated trade unionist and is literally a life long activist in CUPE and the labour movement. She understands the transformative power of unions to change lives and our society for the better. Her 11 years as Secretary-Treasurer of CUPE Ontario prove she will ensure we have the financial resources for the fights ahead. Candace has always been there for our members no matter what; I’m with her now and I hope you will be as well.

Rory Gill - President CUPE Alberta

It is with pleasure that I submit this endorsement on behalf of the Executive Board of the Ontario School Board Council of Unions (OSBCU) and personally as president of 55000 CUPE Ontario education workers for Candace Rennick as Secretary Treasurer of CUPE National.

Candace has been an unwavering source of support and advocacy of education workers not only through her role as the Secretary Treasurer of CUPE Ontario but also as a parent of a son in our public schools. As the OSBCU came in to being, Candace’s guidance has been vital in the development of financial systems and creation of policies and sustainable budgets which ensures the needs of our members are always a priority. As the Secretary Treasurer of CUPE Ontario, she has not only been a accountable steward of our collective resources but also an advocate for issues directly impacting the work our members do and the services we provide, most notably her work on our Time to Care campaign – pushing for 4 hours of minimum care in our Long Term Care sector.

On a personal note, Candace has been a mentor, a sister in the struggle and a friend to me on my journey as the President of OSBCU. Always available with a quick chat of support or clarification or a text of encouragement, Candace has always shared her abundance of wisdom in labour activism and the work of the union.

Candace is the best candidate for the National Secretary Treasurer. The last 2 years have been unprecedented as we supported our members through a global pandemic. Like in all other areas of our lives, there was an impact to our collective resources as well. Candace has the experience, wisdom and determination to move our union forward towards our recovery.

Laura Walton - President Ontario School Board Council of Unions (OSBCU)

Candace has been an amazing Secretary-Treasurer of CUPE Ontario. She is the kind of leader who takes the job seriously and knows what she is doing. Candace is efficient, focused and cares deeply about our union. Most importantly, she always puts the members first and foremost, never forgetting that her obligation lies with the membership. Candace is a force to be reckoned with and I admire how she has not stopped fighting for workers since she started in CUPE as a 16-year-old. She has the experience, knows what it means to do this job and is totally prepared to hit the ground running. She is the right person for the job as our next CUPE National Secretary-Treasurer.

Valerie Joseph - Racialized Workers Representative CUPE Ontario

Candace has always been an advocate for the North, supporting our locals financially and organizationally. She’s ensured smaller and rural locals had the resources needed to participate in broader CUPE events, regardless of geographic challenges. Candace really listens to members and embraces new ideas, like our digital engagement strategy to outreach to members during the pandemic. She is open, supportive and willing to do what is needed to make a good campaign happen.

Candace took over as Secretary Treasurer of CUPE’s largest division during difficult financial times. With knowledge and determination, she not only balanced the books but led us to real financial strength. As the Northern Ontario Representative, both provincially and nationally, I have firsthand experience working with Candace and I know she is ready to handle any situation. She is the right person to be there to support all our members across Canada as our next National Secretary Treasurer

Bryan Keith - Northern Ontario Representative CUPE Ontario

I am proud to support Candace Rennick, for CUPE National Secretary Treasurer.  I have worked with Candace for many years, from day one, she has shown great leadership and has been instrumental in increasing the influence and financial stability of CUPE Ontario.  Candace has been a major participant in the gains of all sectors in CUPE Ontario, and led the fight for Long Term Care.  She has also been at the forefront of the fight for women’s rights not just in the labour movement, but in our communities, and internationally. I know that Candace will continue to move the labour movement forward by fighting for good jobs, equal rights, health and safety, and a progressive legislation that ensures a brighter future for all CUPE Members.

Yolanda McClean - 2nd VP of CUPE Ontario and Diversity VP on the CUPE National Executive Board

Candace has been a steadfast supporter of the work of our Indigenous Council, not only ensuring we had the resources we needed but also the organizational strength necessary to get the work done. Candace has proven her commitment to the critical work of ensuring equity in CUPE and in the broader community, knowing this work strengthens our solidarity as a union. She makes herself available to support her fellow CUPE leaders and never hesitates to join us on the front-line, demanding justice. Candace is the leader we need as our next CUPE National Secretary Treasurer.

Dawn Bellerose - Indigenous Workers Representative CUPE Ontario

Candace Rennick is one of the most outstanding activists and effective advocates in our union.She is a gifted, collaborative administrator who is prudent, but who always finds the resources for the fights we must wage. She would work hard to help CUPE deliver more for our members. I am proud that Candace is one of my closest allies and friends. I think that she will make a very strong national secretary-treasurer and I am proud to support her.
Michael Hurley - President Ontario Council of Hospital Unions (OCHU)

CUPE Local 79 is proud to endorse Candace Rennick for CUPE National of Secretary-Treasurer. She has administered the Ontario Finances with accountability and transparency and we are confident she will govern our national resources with the same integrity.

Dave Mitchell - President CUPE Local 79

It is my honour and privilege to support Sister Candace Rennick in her campaign to serve CUPE members as the CUPE National Secretary Treasurer.

For the last 11 years, CUPE Ontario has moved through a period of financial recovery and renewal. Candace’s commitment, skill and tenacity have moved the organization to a robust financial position to respond to the members needs during this period. This includes increasing the staff compliment at CUPE Ontario and expanding campaign funding to carry out the important work on behalf of the members within the organization.

In working with the CUPE Ontario Finance & Policy Committee as well as the Ways and Means Committee, Candace’s approach of stewardship of the members’ dues has resulted in exceptional financial governance processes and transparent financial reporting. In addition to carrying out her duties as Secretary Treasurer, Candace has championed CUPE’s Long Term Care campaign and is a strong advocate for a fully-funded public and not profit child care system. Candace has been a principled leader in our movement and, if successful in the upcoming election, I look forward to seeing what she can accomplish on behalf of the 700,000 CUPE members from coast to coast to coast.

Carrie Lynn Poole Cotnam - Chair of CUPE Ontario Social Services Workers Coordinating Committee

As a union activist and a vice president of the university members local CUPE 4207, I watched with great interest the amazing work that our current secretary treasurer Candace Rennick is doing for our members and our union. Her activism and devotion to the union and social justice inspired me so much that I ran to be the chair of the women’s committee at CUPE Ontario. I was immediately encouraged and supported by her in all initiatives I suggested including providing full support and leadership with respect to our campaign to put an end to harassment and sexual violence within our union. It is my honour as the Women’s representative on the CUPE Ontario executive board to fully endorse Candace in seeking election for the National secretary treasurer. I have no doubt that she will make the interest of all CUPE members her priority and will, as she always does, give equity and inclusion the attention that they need in our union.

Leila Meskine - Women's Representative CUPE Ontario

I have known Candace for 18 years. She is a strong activist, working for equality, diversity, and better working conditions for all members.

She is honest, transparent, dedicated and accountable to name just a few qualities.

I want to thank her for running for National Secretary-Treasurer as I know she will represent all CUPE members across this country.

Charles Fleury - Secretary-Treasurer CUPE National

Steven Drost - President CUPE New Brunswick

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