Vision Statement

I am so grateful for your solidarity and trust during my first two years as National Secretary Treasurer. 

When I was elected, I promised I would keep our union’s finances strong so that every CUPE local, division and bargaining council received the resources they need to fight for the quality of life and working conditions that our members deserve.

I have kept my word.

Today we are better resourced than ever to overcome the multiple obstacles that employers, governments, corporations, and the Bank of Canada are putting in the way of real wage increases for workers. Today we are better organized and more determined than ever to make gains and achieve real equity for those most disadvantaged.  I want to keep working as your National Secretary, hand in hand with you, to build on our many incredible achievements over the last two years at the bargaining table and beyond.

Candace rennick speaking into a microphone at a union event
Candace rennick speaking into a microphone at a union event

Women in Leadership Development

Despite some inspiring successes at bargaining tables across the country, life for CUPE members has become unaffordable while corporations are raking in record profits. But we are fighting back against this injustice and inequity. Everywhere, across Canada, members have had enough and are courageously challenging employers and governments. They are counting on our union’s leadership to fuel the fightback.  A plan on how we can achieve real wage increases for all of our members must be a national priority.

Under my financial leadership, we have invested more in bringing unorganized workers into CUPE. As a result, we have grown in numbers and bargaining power, but our organizing efforts must intensify. I’ve championed increased spending on bargaining and strike averting campaigns, and on meaningful initiatives to advance human rights, racial justice, Truth and Reconciliation, and gender equity. I’ve supported spending on campaigns against privatization, and in support of more and better public services like Pharmacare and child care. CUPE locals, divisions and bargaining councils have received more funding to carry out their work. We have more staff positions than we did two years ago and that means additional direct support for CUPE members.

I take very seriously the stewardship of our collective resources and I will never lose sight of the fact that every dollar CUPE spends is money deducted from members’ paycheques, and that every dollar our union spends must advance members’ interests.  

I am committed to do everything I can to ensure that we build militant capacity on the ground, enhancing our bargaining power and growing our union with the goal of truly enhancing the quality of our members lives.

I am asking for your continued support and trust. Please re-elect me National Secretary Treasurer so that I can continue doing my part alongside CUPE’s National Executive Board. I promise that I will not let the members down.

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